An exciting exploration of the botanical heritage of the salt route.

We have been distilling since 1898, but in our projects the curiosity, the desire to improve and experiment, the search for the best quality has never failed.

"Macaja" is a very particular weather condition that occurs in the Gulf of Genoa when the hot and humid Scirocco wind blows, with overcast skies and considerable humidity.

A warm wind that we Piedmontese call "marine", which periodically arrives from Liguria crossing the mountains and "warms" even in winter the vineyard hills surrounding Canelli ... reminding us that the sea is not far away as the crow flies.

From here comes "Macaja" our artisan Gin, created to enclose biodiversity in the bottle, safeguarded by the disappearance of many botanical species between Piedmont and Liguria, regions connected by millennia of trade history through the "Salt Roads".

Fundamental route of exchange, which the various peoples traveled, to transport products including, mainly, salt.

This area, which extended to the plain, is not only a place of transit and trade, but also a territory rich in luxuriant nature, which claims its identity in the excellence of the products it offers.